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the beginning...

the story behind the art shack

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who were thinking about tying the knot. They dreamed about their future, their wedding, their life together, their family and of course their home. For this future house to feel like a home, they promised each other that they would fill it with love, joy, laughter, music and especially, ART. The potential art that would decorate these walls however had one condition attached, it would have to be original pieces brought to life by their own creativity and imagination. 


And so they did...


As time went on and their art collection grew, they realized they were running out of walls to decorate. One day they said to each other, "do you think we can find loving homes for these?", which sounded like a good idea, so they decided to try, and with that The Art Shack was born! 


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